Monday, 30 July 2012

Smash Book Page One

One of the pages had a little calender in the corner with 'A Day To Remember' next to it
So I circled the date Schleonard asked me out & added cute things!

I'm really happy with it!
& Schleonard was super happy when I shown him :3

It contains:
- One of the many cute little love notes he writes for me
- Our ticket from Edinburgh castle & a fortune I got in a fortune cookie
- A picture from when we first started going out
- A picture of him from our first Fuel date
- A picture of me holding the Ponyo teddy that he bought for me, (Which I sleep with every night! How sad haha) whilst wearing his Mickey Mouse sweater that I used to steal when I wasn't staying over at his house
- & another fortune with the odd bits of stickers & paper, including an excerpt of Romeo & Juliet which I tore out of a cheap version I bought.

I can't wait to carry on Smashing!


  1. Aww, it looks great! Glad to see you enjoying it already. I'm also super happy it arrived on the same day as my letter :).

    Would it be really sad if I referred to us as SmashPals? Probably but I like saying it anyway :p

    Keep Smashing!

    1. Hahaha Smashpals would be amazing :3