Monday, 13 August 2012


I've been struggling to think of idea's for my smash book,
I'm super excited to do it but I've not felt very creative today, I guess.

So I ended just using Blu-tak to hold in a few bits & pieces until I find other stuff to go on the page & what not!

- Little folder of post its
- With Wild Hearts drawing
- Matryoshka doll cut outs
- & I started a ticket page! I haven't put anything behind the tickets because I want to cover the entire page.

- Earthwood guitar string envelope, using it as a little pocket.
- A small envelope that I used my stamps to put a Chris Gutierrez quote on.
- A cute little zine? About chinese symbols that was handmade by hrtbps a year or two ago
- A cute Paperchase postcard.

- A handmade envelope, also being used as a pocket
- Pinkies Diner flyer
- Matryoshka cut out from the front of one of my old birthday cards

So yeah, like I said, they're all stuck in with blu-tak so I can add more too the page & maybe move them when I do so.

I'm kinda having a mental block tonight so can anyone recommend me some page ideas?
That would be amazing!

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