Friday, 3 August 2012

I started three pages that I will add to over time

I started a page with stamps on & added on two envelopes as little pockets to store things
Also, most stamps I had were already in my Wreck This Journal but I haven't touched my WTJ in a long time, I kind of got bored of it, it wasn't personal enough for me
So! I ripped out the two pages & glued them in to my Smash book.

Now that I've started this page I'm kind of gutted because I've given away about thirty stamps over the past month, some of which were super awesome!
So if anyone has any spare stamps & is kind enough to part with them could you please email me & I'll sort out a swap of some sort!
Thank you!

Then I started these two pages
"Highlights Of Today"
Where I'll be adding a 'highlight' & the date
I started it off with my chicken suit from today!
I work at Nando's in Manchester & we have a little stall in the Manchester Picnic & I've been walking around in this suit today handing out free chicken wings, merch & vouchers!
It was pretty awesome (& extremely sweaty haha)

I also started a page where I plan to make a collage of pictures I've taken when I've been on holiday!
So far I only have the eiffel tower & two pictures of beautiful statues in Stuttgart! I've just stuck them in with blu-tak for now until I print out some more!

So that's what I've done tonight!

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